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BOOKLET "Armoise et Moxa"(in French)

Booklet "Armoise et Moxa"(in French)

History of Artemisia and Moxa.

Description made easy to all techniques and issues for the most common illness.

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This booklet has been designed in 2006, with the help of a friend, experienced practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

 We just hope that this booklet will help you in everyday life by introducing you to this useful and exciting therapy, and give you meanwhile the urge to continue exploring this ancestral Moxibustion therapy so very popular in Asia, and recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage since 2010.

Since ancient China times up to our twenty-first century, from the East to the West, it is at an exciting journey that we invite you over these 64 pages.

Unfortunately, this booklet has not been translated yet and remains in its french original version. However, it is widely illustrated which makes it still usefull for anyone not fluent in french langage. Depending on demand, we may consider translating it. Please do ask us in case of interest.

  • ISBN 978 2 7466 7149 2

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