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10 x MOXA R1 Ø15mm-L200mm

Box of 10 rolls of 15mm diameter

(also available per batch of 5 or 10 boxes with respectively 5% or 10% discount)

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21,00 €

The moxa R1 is composed of pure mugwort and is used to heat by approach the points of the body to stimulate, it is the most used moxa.

The mugwort leaf-flower mixture is packaged in compact rolls in a single layer of very fine paper.

Packaged in boxes of 10 rolls.

Also available in packs of 5 or 10 boxes (automatic discount of 5% and 10% respectively).

  You use our moxas for the first time: For a better use, two kits at attractive prices are offered (opposite) with essential accessories such as the damper and burner that minimize the consumption of moxa while facilitating their use , and a booklet describing the techniques of use: how to find the points to be heated, the heating times as well as the recommended recurrence for each problem.

  • Diameter 15mm
  • Length 200mm
  • Burning time (approx) per moxa About 1 hour
  • Number of items per box 10
  • Preservation Enhance over time protected from light and moisture

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